Adjustpan Toilet Riser

Adjustpan Toilet Riser

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This package includes:

  • Height Adjustable Toilet Riser

Adjustpan Height Adjustable Toilet Riser

Designed to aid fall prevention and minimise joint and muscle strain, the Adjustpan toilet riser is installed underneath the toilet to provide optimum toilet facilitation safely and hygienically.


Height adjustable to each user's requirements to provide safe and healthy toilet facilitation. Creating the correct toilet height will ease pain and discomfort, prevent unnecessary joint strain and pressure, minimise the chance of a fall and improve confidence and independence. 

On installation, your toilet riser is securely fixed at your chosen height. This is not permanent. Future re-adjustments can be made without the need for removal or re-installation.  

*Requires Installation. Toilet NOT Included. 

VAT Not Included